Our Donors

Thank you to the individuals and families who support the Fayetteville Public Library each year!

2016/2017 Roberta Fulbright Society members

Author Circle ($5,000)

Hershey and Denise Garner
Jerome and Harriet Jansma

Publisher Circle ($2500)

Alex and Teresa Cornett
Susan and Orville Hall
Martha Sutherland

Editor Circle ($1,000)

Virginia Ann Coogan
George and Rosemary Faucette
Morriss and Ann Henry
Anthony and Susan Hui
Greg and Hannah Lee
Deborah and David Malone
Tom and Nicole Olmstead
David A. Russell
Jane Scroggs
Frank and Sara Sharp
Mark Smidt
Barbara G. Taylor
Jim and JoAnn Wardein

Writer Circle ($500)

Les and Mina Baledge
Catherine and Claibourne W. Bass
Leslie and Ted Belden
Keith Berner and Cara Crouch
Ray and Brenda Boudreaux
Cam and Ralph D. Crouch
Bruce Dixon and Janet Flaccus Dixon
Joe and Jean Ann Fennel
Dave and Jane Gearhart
Jim Hammons
Tim Kral and Connie Hendrix-Kral
Jeff and Sara Koenig
Doug and Amy Martin
Keely Meyer
Martha A. Morrison, MD
Edward Prewitt
Ruth Remmel
Beth and Marshall Saviers
Len and Louise Schaper
Ann Schumacher
Porter and Sally Stone
Tim and Patty Sullivan
Bill and LeAnn Underwood

Reader Circle ($100)

Barker and Carol Adair
Gary and Denise Anderson
Woody Bassett
Eileen and Bob Billig
Margaret Bolsterli
John and Hope Bradberry
Van and Rosemary Brahana
Barbara Brannan
Howard and Katherine Brill
Marty and Holly Bryan
Dr. Wade W. Burnside
Randall Cale
Buddy and Susan Chadick
John R. and Sharon Clark
Robert Cross
Stephen and Glenda Davis
Ronnie and Nancy Denn
Don B. Deweese
Nancy Dodson
Tom and Dana Dykman
Bob Ford and Amy Herzberg
Andy and Mary Gibbs
The Gilmour Family
Susan Graham
Karen Hodges
Cathy Hooper
Andrew Horowitz
Charlotte Taylor and Tim Hudson
Dale and Evelyn Johnson
Paul and Judith Johnson
Raja Kali
Kendall and Susan Keen
John and Nancy Kehn
Fern Kelsay
Mary Lynn and Tom Kennedy
Hugh and Brenda Kincaid
Jacqueline S. King
Tom and Jill King
Jake Lamkins
Jim and Jacqui Lefler
Eileen and Mike Lieber
April and Bob Maranto
Frank and Eunice Millett
Deeg and Bill Mitchell
Steven and Jeanine Neuse
Andrea Newby
Melinda and Bob Nickle
Rebecca Olmstead
Janet and Luke Parsch
Donald and Kathryn Pederson
Ben and Amber Pinter
Pamela Redfern
Kriste and Jim Rees
Carol Reeves and Philip Zweig
Joyce Richards
Joe and Margaret Rodman
Bill and Mary Jo Schneider
Mike and Dana Scott
Ethel C. Simpson
Carolyn Smart
Ellen Smedley Smith
Irene and Joel Spalter
Julie Stenken
Rick and Beth Stockdell
Rebecca R. Summerlin
Karen Takemoto
Janet Titus
Brad and Lindsay Vester
Ted and Kathleen Wade
Bill and Nancy Waite
Ann and Conrad Waligorski
Leon and Tawana West
Margaret M. Whillock
Sarah White
Jim and Mary Katherine Williams
Jordan Williams
Pattie and David Williams
Judy and Duane Woltjen
Juana R. Young