History and Purpose


The Fayetteville Public Library Foundation was formed in 1999 to financially support the efforts of the Fayetteville Public Library. The Foundation acts as the fundraising branch for the library and manages all monetary donations, endowments, and allocates proceeds to various library programs.


The Foundation shall have as its basic purpose the creation of a vehicle for the reception and administration of endowments and other designated and undesignated charitable gifts to and for the benefit of the FPL, and for the advancement of the role of this library in encouraging reading, knowledge acquisition, and a love of literature.

The Foundation shall, in pursuit of its basic purpose, engage in the following pursuits:

  • To establish, promote, maintain, endow, and render aid and assistance, financial or otherwise, to the FPL.
  • To encourage individuals and organizations to make financial contributions to support the FPL.
  • To help build, remodel, and maintain appropriate facilities for the FPL.
  • To purchase, for the FPL, library materials, or to make funds available for such purposes.
  • To sponsor, for the FPL, special events and author appearances, or to make funds available for such purposes.
  • To establish certain memorials in cooperation with the donors.
  • To accept gifts of property or material as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.
  • To maintain funds as needed and established by the FPL Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board for the benefit of the FPL.